As a part of our community service, we provide athletic training services for athletes at area high schools and youth sports events.

Working much like a liaison between the athlete, parents, and the family physician, we will make recommendations as to the appropriate care of any injury sustained by student-athletes at these schools. A Certified Athletic Trainer or Physical Therapist is on-site to direct the athletic training program involving the following services:

  • After school assessment and injury prevention in the athletic training room on campus.
  • Attend various athletic events, as coordinated with Athletic Director, to provide immediate care.
  • Follow-up care for the athlete inside of our clinic as needed.
  • When an injury needs more intense care or rehabilitation than can be provided in the athletic training room, we offer a free evaluation of the athlete's injury and follow-up physical therapy sessions. Further care would be discussed based on a case-by-case basis.
  • Sponsor and organize pre-participation athletic physicals with the high school Athletic Director.
  • Direct the student athletic training program. This program allows students who may be interested in a medical career to get an up-close and hands-on experience working as a student athletic trainer. They learn the basic skills necessary to provide first aid, CPR, and preventative taping techniques. These students then help with preventative taping and practice coverage.